Polkadot's EVM smart contract chain: PSC

Web3 mission of thousands of chain interconnection and cross-chain intelligent programming

  • 1,The extension of the ChainX community and ChainX technology, together with ChainX to complete the mission of ChainX: asset cross-chain hub
  • 2,Polkadot takes the interconnection of thousands of chains as its mission. Based on the heterogeneous message cross-chain protocol LayerZero/Wormhole, OmniBTC has realized the one-click cross-chain exchange function of Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Arbtrim, Optimism, Aptos, AVAX and other public chain tokens. Cross-chain interaction between PSC and external non-Substrate chains: It is only necessary to link the PSC chain to the OmniBTC cross-chain network through the message cross-chain interoperability protocol, which is equivalent to the wide area network in the Internet. The parallel chains in Substrate cross-chain each other: through the XCMP protocol, all the parallel chains of DOT are connected, similar to the local area network in the Internet. Then set up a router on the PSC chain to connect the internal cross-chain (local area network) of the above-mentioned Polkadot parachain and the external cross-chain (wide area network) of the non-DOT parachain. We will be able to realize Polkadot's mission of interconnecting thousands of chains.
  • 3,Turing's complete smart contract platform is easy to implement cross-chain messages, but it is difficult to integrate BTC into a cross-chain programmable network. Therefore, programmable message cross-chain protocols like LayerZero/wormhole do not implement BTC message cross-chain. At this time, ChainX's light node + Taproot distributed key cross-chain technology + lightning network smart contract technology has become a bridge connecting the BTC network. That is to say: OmniBTC can seamlessly realize BTC's programmable message cross-chain through the ChainX router.
  • 4,EVM smart contract platform with native DOT as fuel fee. Dot can be integrated into tools such as metamask in the Ethereum ecosystem to link and integrate the Ethereum and Polkadot communities.

PSC Development Roadmap

  • PSC parachain will be launched around December 30, 2022: XCMP cross-chain that supports native dot and EVM smart contract platform that supports DOT as gas fee.
  • Around February 1, 2023, the seamless migration of SherpaX/Soswap will be completed.
  • In March 2023, connect with the liquidity aggregation protocol Dola, build a single currency pool on PSC, use XCMP to integrate the assets on the Polkadot parachain into the single token pool of the Dola protocol, and then use LayerZero/Wormhole and other cross-chain interoperability protocols with the external EVM chain/Move chain interacts, integrates into the omnichain financial family, and completes the positioning of the OmniBTC omnichain financial center.
  • In May 2023, the ChainX network and PSC will complete cross-chain interaction, realizing the circulation of BTC to any chain.
  • ... There are too many follow-up plans, and there will be changes in the long run, but: the mission of Web3, the interconnection of ten thousand chains, and cross-chain intelligent programming have always been our direction. constant struggle...

Home of SherpaX

SherpaX is a test network initiated by the ChainX team. At the beginning, I wanted to launch SherpaX by auctioning the Kusama slot, so as to realize the test before the Polkadot parachain went online.
Although SherpaX failed to auction kusama slots, SherpaX, as a pioneer network, was very successful in experimenting and developing ChainX and PSC before the successful launch of PSC.
Characteristics of a successful experiment.

  • 1,Realized the smart contract platform of EVM and Wasm, ready for the development and testing of the EVM smart contract platform launched by ChainX and PSC.
  • 2, Realize a variety of cross-chain methods, support basic cross-chain experiments of Dogecoin, BTC, BSC and other chains, and provide a test data basis for our mission of Wanchain Interconnection.

Finally, since SherpaX has completed its historical mission, we will migrate SherpaX technology and Soswap products to PSC. SherpaX's test token KSX is 100% airdropped to users, and its value is completely consensus by community users. We will also respect the community's choice and migrate ksx to the PSC network. As for the value of ksx, it is entirely priced by the ksx community.